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Shahriar Nikbin


About Us

With Dao academy is a Daoism academy based in the US that tries to introduce Daoism to the world our goal is to improve our student’s life quality.

We intend to improve the life quality of our students in the following ways.

1-We are committed to providing an excellent education for our students and giving them the opportunity to use their talents.

2-We aim to help our students gain skills and knowledge so that they can take advantage of their talents in a professional position.

3-We are dedicated to offering them opportunities and helping them find their true potential, not by being in an academic position but by doing something great every day! We support all of our students when they need it the most, even if it’s through volunteer work or volunteering at events!

Our students can become champions in the competitions by learning Taichi, and they can improve their health and quality of life.