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With Dao Academy

With Dao is trying to improve your life quality by improving your physical and mental health with Chinese doctrine, our courses are designed by the best masters in the world.


Talent trainer

Through WithDao Academy, our students will become world champions.

Health exercises

Our methods can help you live healthier and change your life for the bettertyle

Our Courses


Taichi is based on a philosophic perspective. Every move or posture in Taichi has defensive or offensive applications.


Historically, qigong is a technique to improve and regulate qi by combining breath, movement, and awareness. Qigong combines breathing, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation.


In Chinese internal martial arts such as Taichi, tuishou refers to a form of cooperative training involving two people.


Using Fengshui, an ancient Chinese practice, to achieve harmony between individuals and their environment through the use of Daoism philosophy.

Dao Philosophy

In order to realise the potential for individual wisdom, one must discern the character of the Dao Phlosephy, the natural order of the universe.

We Help You Stay In the moment


Our goal in the With Dao accademy is to raise awareness among students so they can fully appreciate the present moment and all of its wonders. You can only experience true happiness if you consciously live in the moment.

Meet our Team

Shahriar Nikbin

INTERNATIONAL Taichi Champion, Taichi Coach

About us

We are a team of highly motivated and experienced coaches with expertise in various fields. We provide personalized and one-on-one coaching to people all over the world.

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